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“We're just getting started. We won't stop until every business owner has the confidence and ability to get consider financing with complete understanding and transparency.”
Eric Griego— Co-Founder and CEO
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Eric Griego
I have spent half a decade working with Business Owners in finance. I welcome the chance to meet new business owners eric@betterfin.com.

My favorite business is "Tacos Mi Rancho" in Oakland, CA
Dan Gabrieli
I am focused on helping Betterfin pack as much information into the financing process as possible. If you have questions about your businesses dataprint let me know dan@betterfin.com

My favorite business is "La Fortunata Brothers" in Brookyn, NY
Jay Lee
I spend my days helping Betterfin find and meet new business owners. If there is an opportunity to make referrals let's chat jay@betterfin.com

My favorite business is "Soil & Oak" in Hudson, NY
Kyle Shirley
I am a expert in business financing products. If you have any questions at all we should connect kyle@betterfin.com.

My favorite business is the "Llama Inn" in Williamsburg, NY
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