Betterfin now has funding options for new businesses

Betterfin is now offering access to startup financing through personal loans tailored to the needs of young businesses.
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Custom-fit personal loans to launch your business

These loans can be used for any purpose, offer fixed terms, and are paid back in monthly intervals at a fixed interest rate.

No time in business or business revenue required
SBA-competitive rates and terms
No collateral or down payment required

Great financing, quick & easy

Unlike business loans that require 1 or 2 years in business and established revenue, personal loans only require good personal credit and a relatively low debt-to-income ratio. For new businesses, personal loans are a great way to secure financing with low rates and long payment terms.

Loans from $25,000 - $500,000
3 to 7 year loan terms
Interest rates starting at 5.99%

Looking for a personal loan to fund your business? See how easy it is with Betterfin.

Collect Your Documents

Make sure you have access to your last year's tax returns, W-2, or recent pay stubs if employed or last 2 years tax returns if self-employed.

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Betterfin can get you submitted and funded within two weeks. Betterfin's service is completely free of charge. We are paid by our lending partners.


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Are there minimum credit requirements?

Yes. Applications are accepted for individuals with a FICO score of 650 or higher, but 680 or higher is optimal for securing funding.

Are there other requirements to qualify?

Yes. Other criteria are listed below:
-  Minimum of 4 tradelines
-  Max 50% credit utilization
-  No major derogatories
-  No more than 4-5 recent inquiries per bureau
-  Debt-to-Income Ratio < 40%

Which documents are required to apply?

If you are employed:
Last year’s W2, or
Last year’s tax return, or
Last 2 recent pay stubs

If you are self-employed:
Last 2 years’ tax returns

What is the average loan amount?

The average loan is $60,000, but these loans can fund up to $500,000.

When can I expect funds after being approved?

The average time to receive funds is 2 weeks.

Are there any fees, down payments, or collateral required?

There are no down payments, upfront fees, or collateral required.

There is a negotiable 9%+ closing fee that is paid as a one time cost out of the loan proceeds after funding is completed. You may use the loan to pay it and make monthly payments on it to the lender.

Is there any penalty for paying back the loan early?

No. There is a minimum of one installment that must be paid, but there is no early repayment penalty after that.

"Great customer service that will keep people coming back"

Before we found Betterfin, we were really down about not being able to start our business. We are confident people. We have done our research. We have a great business plan. We both have MBAs and are well-qualified, but we were discouraged when everyone else said no. Betterfin came through with an exceptional personal loan offer and was there with us every step of the way. We wouldn’t have been able to start without Betterfin.
Matt and Angela
Morgan Trading Company