The New York Small Business Development Centers’ Move To Modernization, Communication, and New Tools & Training

Betterfin joined the NYSBDC offices in Ithaca, New York for their 2019 Staff Training between April 29th - May 2nd where we learned the odds and ends about how these centers help meet the needs of small businesses in their communities and what SBDCs can use to make a bigger impact for more small businesses.

Throughout the meetings and presentations, the SBDCs agreed they needed modernized and digitized processes to help small businesses in a digital world, concerted marketing efforts to get the word out about the powerful work SBDCs do, and new tools and training to help small business advisors provide the best guidance to the greatest effect.

The Innovation Awards

During the 2019 Staff Training, Betterfin sponsored a $10,000 award for the NYSBDC to use in internal initiatives to further the SBDC mission. Fifteen teams of cross-center groups worked for a week on ten minute pitches for various projects and efforts that would directly impact the ability of the SBDC to deliver value to clients, expand the SBDC client base, and broaden the services the SBDC offers. The themes presented ranged from procurement, equity financing, internal training, the need for an internal CRM, and more.

Betterfin founders, Eric Griego and Daniel Gabrieli, sat on a panel of eight judges, including the NY State Director, Deputy Director, and other advisory board members. Together they awarded the team for Procurement to build ProcurementIQ: a simple way for advisers to help business owners understand how ready they are to procure grants and awards.

Michelle Catan from the NYS Small Business Development Center at Binghamton University said, "The Innovation Awards helped us answer the question, ‘What could we use to bring better advisement to our clients?’ So the topics are becoming better known, but the Innovation Awards also helped our teams put concerted effort into finding solutions to these needs. The funds from the award will help discover those solutions for the SBDCs in New York to continue to expand their advisement to small businesses across the state.”

Innovation Funds and Sponsorship

Betterfin would like to sponsor SBDC initiatives, including annual innovation funds to fuel programs and projects that will modernize SBDC offices.

These awards are an enormous opportunity to support our partners at SBDCs and receive direct input on how we can make the Betterfin platform and SBDC portal an indispensable tool for SBDC professionals. Betterfin CEO, Eric Griego, states, “Modern lending has a lot of great tools and features that make getting financing transparent and safe. Our goal is to make them available to amazing organizations focused on helping business owners like the SBDC.”

Winning Team NYSBDC Innovation Awards