5/12/20 Update - Betterfin is still helping business advisors with resources, but much of the Care Package is no longer available. Please contact assistance@betterfin.com for more details.

Betterfin is working with some wonderful people to help the SBA and its networks who are helping business owners across the country. If you are displaced, or working remotely and need to meet your clients online we have resources that can help you:
  1. Laptop - If you need a computer, stay where you are we can have an Acer Chromebook shipped to you.
  2. G Suite - If you need access to G Suite tools, slides, sheets, etc, we can provision you an @sbdc.org email equipped with everything google has to offer
  3. Calendly - This is a great tool to give your clients a place to schedule meetings, fill out information, and sync with your calendar.
  4. Zoom - For high quality remote meetings, video chat, screen share

If you need any part of the remote care package please contact us immediately by calling 1-347-690-7884 or emailing assistance@betterfin.com we can help you get access free of charge


A very special thanks to:

Tope Awotona, CEO @ Calendly
Eric Yuan, CEO @ Zoom