The 39th Annual America's SBDC Conference

We were thrilled to see and speak to so many SBDC advisors, directors, and partners in Long Beach as a sponsor of the 39th Annual America's SBDC Conference from September 2nd - 6th. At our booth, we showed off some new features of our SBDC-centered platform and learned about everything going on in SBDCs and with small businesses all across this country. We'd like to offer our thanks to all of the people who spoke with us and signed up for the platform.

Betterfin's Dan Gabrieli, CTO, Eric Griego, CEO, Nick Guercio, Head of Marketing, and Diane Korongy, UX Engineer, at the Betterfin Booth

The Conference Sign-Up Contest Winners

At our booth, we held a contest to see which SBDC office could get the most Betterfin SBDC Portal sign-ups during the conference week. The winner of the lunch for their office courtesy of Betterfin was The Rhode Island SBDC located at The University of Rhode Island! Congratulations team!

The Economics of Small Business Loans with Eric & Dan

On Thursday morning, our CTO, Daniel Gabrieli, and our CEO, Eric Griego, held a workshop at the conference in which they provided a deep dive on what makes Betterfin and our platform unique. Then, they took a step back and gave an inside look at the state of small business financing. We had so much great participation and interaction during the workshop and we really appreciated that. The workshop and the conversations that took place in it focused on what can be done to make the entire marketplace work better for small business owners. Your feedback was invaluable to us and, we hope, really helpful to everyone else in the room.

We'd especially like to shout out Don Elmore, Director of the SBDC at Champaign County EDC whose knowledge of economics has earned him the Honorary Economist of The Betterfin Workshop Award. An award that isn't worth much unfortunately (due to low demand), but we sincerely appreciate you and your participation, Don.

We'd also like to give our thanks to America's SBDC for giving us the opportunity to work with them and participate in a conference filled with such engaged and active minds.

Dan Gabrieli and Eric Griego speaking with workshop attendees

What We Showed at the Booth

We showed a few of our new tools off at our booth, including the SBDC dashboard that allows SBDC advisors to refer their clients to Betterfin, keep track of their funding events, and directly measure impact. Sign-up here at We also showed some upcoming tools that allow small business owners to view finance events on their credit history and repair their credit and another one that allows business owners to put together simple, but detailed business plans. Please reach out to for more details.